What’s this Site About?

You’re busy and there’s a lot going on.

CU*Answers is a busy place with lots of different things happening at any given time.

New projects, new products, new marketing, new everything.

How are you supposed to keep track of everything?

There are so many different sites, who knows where to look first? CU*Answers Client News? CU*Answers Kitchen? Partners in Practice? Lender*VP? WESCO Net Web Services? Answerbook?

The choices are all over and everyone has there own preferences.

Here is where the Newsstand helps.

The CU*Answers Newsstand brings in the headline articles from all the different sources into one locations. Here you can scroll through the headlines from the varying CU*Answers and some select Industry resources.

One stop. The CU*Answers Newsstand.

Reading is nice, what if I have something to say?

Well, in some cases you can. All of these headlines have links back to the original article. More and more of these sites are allowing you to post comments and discuss the news. And we’re adding more all the time.